15 Minutes Hell: The Ultimate Bodyweight Workout For Warriors

15 Minutes Hell: The Ultimate Bodyweight Workout For Warriors

Course Description

The entire bodyweight workout, although intense, only took 15 minutes!

I know it sounds absolutely crazy, and trust me…I also thought they were absolutely bonkers when it was laid out on the table, but you just can’t argue with results. And as you saw in my own personal experience, those 15 minutes is all you need to whip yourself into incredible shape.

These exercises work much better than weights, and a zillion times better than cardiovascular equipment. Although the routine is intense, the exercises are fun, quick, and energizing.

And since you are using your own body weight, you never have to worry about injury, overtraining, or best of all…ever needing to waste another dollar or wait online for machines at a gym.

That eighth week, when I showed up back at my coach’s Judo school to resume training, I received some startling news.

Although my coach slapped me on the back and congratulated me on my personal success using the program, he informed that the American public would never see it implemented.

It turns out that only a week after we returned from Japan, he had received an official phone call from the Japanese training center.

So impressed were the Japanese officials who attended the demonstration that they completely changed their minds about the “American Judo problem” and decided to only reveal the program to their own professional and Olympic athletes.

In typical Japanese snobbery, they felt that the program was too good…Too Powerful… to share with the rest of the world.

(And four years later, at the Athens 2004 Olympics, their incredibly dominating Gold medal performance in both men’s and women’s’ Judo, Wrestling, Swimming, and (most surprisingly) the Hammer Throw…proved it.)

All the Japanese affiliated Judo schools that attended were threatened with everything from lawsuits to being thrown out of the Judo federation and their status revoked if they taught the program to their American students. (Or for that matter, any other nationality besides Japanese citizens as well)

Oh well, I thought. Sucks for Judo…BUT GREAT FOR ME!!!

I had no ties, no affiliation, and most importantly, no loyalty to the Japanese government.

If I wanted to teach my fellow Americans these training secrets that had been perfected in the lab and proven in competition, there was not a damn thing they could do to stop me…

If you are serious about changing your body…If you want enormous strength, tightly defined muscles, a massive chest, slender waist, powerful arms and legs, and the attention and benefits of being a walking, living comic book superhero, I can make it happen faster and easier than you ever imagined possible. But not necessarily without hard work.

Remember, the approach I will reveal to you requires only 15 minutes each day, but it does require you to use that time far differently than you could ever imagine.

I can honestly give my word that you will see undeniable increases in your muscle size, strength and appearance — a total body change –within the first 21 days of applying the 15 Minute Hell program. I did it…and so can you.

And I also promise you this: If you’ll only invest those 15 minutes each day following the principles of this incredible training system –there will be no stopping you.


Who this course is for:
  • Anyone looking to burst through to your full genetic potential gaining nearly superhuman strength, inexhaustible endurance, and a “shredded” physique…in just a few ridiculously short, but intense workouts!
  • Anyone and I mean ANYONE (I don’t care if you are an ex-jock, just a little “soft” around the edges, or even a big fat couch potato who hasn’t moved more than a few inches in 10 years) who switches over to this innovative training system can expect a full-blown “Hollywoodesque” body makeover in a few short weeks!