Drawing and Shading: Complete Course

Drawing and Shading: Complete Course

Course Description

I start you off nice and easy – Basic shapes and construction drawing

Master these and you’ll feel your confidence growing already. Lots of fun introductory projects like ‘Peppie the Pup’ build your skills step-by-step.

Wow! It looks so realistic! – Shading and Form

Those skills you’ve admired in other artists for so long can be your skills too. Projects like ‘The Shoe Well Travelled’ will challenge you (but you are up to the task!) Your drawing will almost ‘pop’ off the page, amazing yourself and those around you.

One of the most admirable skills in art – Portraiture

Capturing a likeness is one of the most admirable skills in art. It’s so satisfying. Render individual facial features and create a wonderful child portrait.

Look at the world in a whole new way – Perspective and Proportion

How can you represent the three-dimensional world on a flat piece of paper? How do things we see change as they get closer, further away or turn towards us? These questions are all answered with perspective. Your eyes are now open to a whole new way of seeing and drawing.

Plus an extra bonus…
For additional inspiration I’ve include an extra bonus section where I detail my approach to drawing people and cute characters using construction drawing.


This is the beginners drawing course you’ve been looking for…

Even if you think you’re not naturally talented my super easy methods and in-depth explanations will set you on the path from your first pencil lines towards creating professional-grade artworks.

I’ve been teaching beginner artists for over 20 years. I know exactly what you need to get started the right way, and I’ve jam-packed it into this course.

Plus, if you have any questions at all throughout your drawing journey, just ask. My team and I are right here for you.