Lazy Dancer Ballet Burn – 30 days programme

Lazy Dancer Ballet Burn – 30 days programme

Course Description

Skip the sweaty, crowded subway ride to the gym and dance to our ballet fitness workout in your living room instead. With this ballet-inspired fitness workout  you’ll ditch your love handles and improve your flexibility in the comfort of your own home. And have time for a cup of tea

The Lazy Dancer Ballet Burn is for Anyone who wants to workout like a Ballerina without the hassle of getting to a Ballet or Fitness class.

Ballet Fitness is a beautiful way to workout, not only for the body to achieve the Long Lean Ballerina Muscles, but also to keep the brain trained and active.

Barre workouts have become very popular, the rise of interest in Ballet and how to achieve a ballet body has grown immensly and this is why I’m here to show you how you can achieve the lean ballerina muscles you always dreamt of.

The structure of this Fitness Ballet Programme is devided in 4 main sections  

Fitness Ballet Barre

Fitness Ballet Centre

Fitness Ballet Barre

Fitness Ballet Centre

In each video I will follow you closely, giving you advises and tips to practice safely and at the best  of your potential.

Be ready to sweat, you will build up stamina and strength, as well as elongating muscles while working out. 
We will use the same structure of a real ballet class, but don’t worry you don’t need to be a pro to do this, only your willing  to improve your body and take on a new challenge. 

Whether you’re a pro dancer or a complete beginner, You’ll:

  • Discover the Most Beautiful You

  • Learn that you can workout like a ballerina at any stage in your life

  • Reduce the overwhelm of everyday life

  • Find out that getting in shape doesn’t have to be hard or boring

  • Feel confident and beautiful with workouts that are gentle to your body and a challenge to your muscles

  • Improve your balance and your posture

  • Closed Facebook Group to share progress, tips and tricks with other Lazy Dancer Fans and be part of the Family

Benefits of the Course: You will feel refreshed, stronger, regenerated and your body will align with beautiful posture to walk tall and proud every day.

Learn from a Pro: Ballet has been my passion for 20 years, it’s become my daily job and I recently decided I wanted to share all of my knowledge and passion with you. Seeing students improving, achieving their goals and dancing with a smile every day has been the most wonderful gift I could wish for.