Use Your Health & Fitness Expertise to Earn A Living Online

Use Your Health & Fitness Expertise to Earn A Living Online

Course Description

Use Your Health and Fitness Expertise to Develop a Brand, Build a Loyal Following, and Create a Flexible and Fulfilling Career as an Online Entrepreneur.


  • Find the online niche that is perfect for your skills and experience
  • Identify your ideal target customer, the one who is going to buy from you!
  • Learn the simple online marketing tactics that will build your personal brand
  • Discover how your expertise can be used to create valuable products online
  • Learn how easy (and inexpensive) it is to produce professional digital products
  • Develop strong online selling skills that will start earning consistent revenue

This course is for health and fitness professionals who are ready for a change. Take your career to a whole new level by building your Personal Brand and becoming a trusted authority in your area of expertise.



When I began building my first online business I had absolutely no idea how to begin. I didn’t know anything about online branding, creating digital products, or how to sell to customers via the Internet. But, I did know a lot about fitness and I believed that I could turn this into a career as an online entrepreneur.

This course outlines everything I did (and still do today) to earn a living online. You will also benefit from learning about my mistakes: I wasted a LOT of time and energy on ideas and tactics that simply did not work. Avoid my early mistakes and save your time by following this step-by-step formula that has been proven to work.


This course is broken into 4 main sections, each outlining an important step in the process of building your first online business. First, you will prepare to launch your business by finding a niche and identifying who your perfect customers will be.

Next, you will Build Your Presence online. I will teach you how to create a place where you can build a community, one that will let you display your knowledge and expertise. This is where you are going to begin enhancing your personal brand.

In the third step, you will Grow Your Audience. Learn how to attract a huge following of prospective customers. These followers will look to your for leadership and will rely on your expertise to meet their needs.

Finally, you will Monetize Your Business. Having an audience and a powerful personal brand are only useful if they help you earn money. The final section of the course explains how to create and sell the digital products and services your audience is looking for.


  1. Established your first online business
  2. Created a group of followers who know and trust you
  3. Developed your first products to sell online
  4. Begun earning revenue by converting your followers into paying customers

From there the sky is the limit. Once you’ve completed the process outlined in this course you will be able to “rinse and repeat” to create new products and generate larger revenues online.